Camille Cottier

Camille Cottier is a young French artist born in 1990, graduate of the Fine arts of Angers in 2013. She lives and works in Paris.

Her early work shows a research on the physical and possessive limits of the body (her own, others). Starting from 2014 she begins an instinctive and obsessive work on The People, an extensive series of full-length portraits of men naked, almost identical, facing the spectator.

"The realization of the series of People comes from an instinctive work that proved to be obsessive. They are not meant to talk about a specific event, instead, they represent an accumulation of emotions, anxieties, fears, but also peace and hopes. They can reflect contemporary society, but they also seem to carry the weight of a burdensome past. They are my way of letting go. They proliferate, overlap, and accumulate, but they are they're not concerned with each others. They do not look at each other, instead they stare directly at us, questionning us. Who are we, what are we doing? In a way, we are spectators of our audience. The fact that these characters are facing us underlines the confrontation between the viewer and the drawing.

The representation of The People does not give us much information about their age, their sex, the reason behind their nakedness or their lack of hair and body hair. They do not seem to have the same identity as we do.

Their faces might as well be a woman's or a man's. However, each one has a male sex. They don't seem to have age either. Neither children nor elderly, they seem to come both from the past and the future. The lack of any certainty reinforces the questionning about identity. Smooth, similar but yet unique.

My People stand together as a group. They represent a mass, a community. But there's one thing that I cannot know: is it a community of beings individualistic, frozen and worried? Or on the contrary is it a kind of serene, quiet, and very united family? I wonder if these observations could be a questioning of our way of operating and our way of life.

The sensation of mass is represented by the accumulation and the superposition of characters. "They are on top of each other". That way they become a pattern. The character repeats itself indefinitely, until staturation and until it set the size. Nothing is decided beforehand. By repeating themselves relentlessly, The People have the power of the chameleon: they melt and dissolve in their own universe, they seem to disappear, to avoid our gaze, but they are here indeed, staring, interrogators."

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