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Evrard & Koch are a duo of French artists. Each artist excell in different domains, such as jewelry, design or fashion. For they first exhibition as a duo, they combine their talents to create a unique and remarkable series of artworks, named «Frame/Out #1». In French, the title is «Hors Cadre», which both means «out of the frame» and «unclassifiable». They renewed the expirement, taking it further in a second solo show: «Frame/Out #2»

Evrard & Koch draw inspiration from Mondrian’s purity or Ryman’s whites as much as Agam’s optical effects, resulting in an unclassifiable work, that combines architecture, painting and sculpture.

The black line that frames the classic artwork is broken up, revealing in its spine powerful pigments that refract on the wall or on the integrated mirrors, thus creating a multiface artwork that changes depending on the angle of view. Always minimalist whith a front view, white or black pigments and mirror give rhythm to the surface as we move around, while colors secretly palpitates in the heart of the artwork and spread outside.

It is the revenge of the out-of-scope, of the back versus the front, of the side versus the face. A vibrant and unique work.

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While the duo works by series, by story, the thread of their past and upcoming research fits into the concept of offline framework; both because it gives birth to unclassifiable objects, reflecting as well the architecture than painting or sculpture. But also, these objects do not appear to know limits, within the meaning of borders: depending on the light, positioning or the hour of the day, games of shadows and the powerful refractions of the pigments on the walls change the way of understanding the work. It is this paradox that surprises us: achieving mastered works and freedom left to the elements.

«I (Christophe) seem to be a rigorous and methodical carthesien and Jean-Luc, him, a more emotional conceptual.» And because of these differences, we complete each other..."

Each work was born first in the form of a cardboard model in a 1/20th scale, to allow each of them to express and exchange ideas freely. "One starts, the other bounces back and forth, until we get to the right piece of work." Each piece is then completely handmade. No hangs, no "fabrication secret" must disrupt the look. Apparent simplicity and the clean fiish makes one forget the complexity of the structure, using a "less is more" approach. On a wood and cardboard structure, the intensity of whites and affixed colors requires a large number of layers of pigments, compounded by different grinding techniques, to achieve subtle shades of textures. An "artisanal" choice claimed by the duo.

"This notion of crafts, handmade gesture is very dear to us: it's necessary for our works to come to life.'' We do everything ourselves: our colors, our cuts, we assembly, the finishing touches. Through these essential gestures, material and color sculpt themselves and come to life."

Exposure Frame/out #1 was a starting point paramount, which contains and announces further searches of Evrard and Koch. For Anne - Laure Peressin, this work «dig issues related to our own perception of space, the role structuring of the line and the State of fringe between several dimensions» Fragmentations,lines stretched, plans, facilities are all clues to understand the evolution of a coherent story that fits in time.




Frame Out#2


Art Paris 

Galerie Lazarew, Paris, France


Frame Out#1

YAI, Carreau du Temple, Paris

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