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Olivier Catté is a visual artist born in Rouen in 1957. After graduating in 1981 with a Fine Arts degree, he first gained early experience on the street, using different media, before mastering the art of cardboard from 2008.

Recycled cardboard fascinates Olivier Catté: scrap from our consumerist society, a makeshift home for the poor, cardboard is a ubiquitous symbol of the absurdity of modern society. Paradoxically, he chooses to give birth to powerful and imposing architectural forms from this light, fragile material.

Playing on the roughness and the life behind the cardboard, he applies black streaks of paint in dappled areas, vertically or horizontally; he then rips, cuts and tears off layers, until the corrugated texture hidden within appears. There is not a single collage in his technique: the volume comes in negative, inside the cardboard.

The artist’s hand is precise, but he must work with the inherent unpredictability of the material. The work of construction/deconstruction guides the artist as well.

We are proud to exhibit Olivier Catté's work from the very first days of the gallery.



IMAGINE ARCHITECTURE - Artistic Visions of the Urban Realm, Lukas Feireiss et Robert Klanten, éditions Gestalten


Olivier Catté - Cartons, monographie





Dec. Group show: "A fine line", Art100 Gallery, New-York

Oct. Solo Show, Galerie Lazarew, Paris

January : Group show "Papiers" (Papers), Galerie Lazarew, Paris


March solo show, Galerie Lazarew (Paris) 


May Metropolis vs. Suburbia, Galerie t., Dusseldorf (Allemagne)

May Cityscapes, Galerie Lazarew Bruxelles (Belgique)

April Cityscapes, Galerie Lazarew Paris (France)


Oct-Nov: Cityscapes,Galerie Lazarew Bruxelles (Belgique)

March-April: Cityscapes, Galerie Lazarew Paris (France) 


Oct-Nov Interfaces, Galerie Lazarew Bruxelles (Belgique)

Mars-Avril Interfaces, Galerie Lazarew Paris (France) 


Oct: David Bloch Gallery (Casablanca, Maroc)

April NYC Cartons - Galerie Lazarew (Paris, France)

May-July: Galerie Acabas (Paris, France)

March: Art Paris, Galerie Lazarew - Grand Palais (Paris, France) 


Sept Lux Metropolis - Galerie Art City (Paris, France)

Sept «Papier peint» - Mam Galerie (Paris, France)

June: Galerie El Greco (Veracruz, Mexique) 


Dec: Galerie RAC (Xalapa, Mexique)

Nov: Galerie Artemptation (Bruxelles, Belgique)

April: Galerie Ma-Ma (Rouen, France)

March: Galerie Leadouze (Paris, France)


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