Pierre Muckensturm

In 2004, Pierre Muckensturm was overwhelmed when he visited Notre Dame du Haut, a major work of architecture by Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris. This encouraged him to leave the figurative and reach for the truth and the emotion he felt there in his paintings, in order to create his own "universe of good will", as he likes to say.

The artist wants to be absolutely right in its artworks ; he tackles the notion of crossroads and junction using a language made of sober and intimate emotions. His quest is lead by the certainty that: "The peace and quiet is more powerful than the storm." (Julius Bissier)

At first, he translated this into large oil paintings with deep shades and wonderful textures.

In 2010, during an artist residency at the Boribana Museum in Dakar (Senegal), he discovered a very new, infinitely more flexible relation to temporality.

Since this experience, along with his painted work, he developed a series of engravings - in collaboration with French copperplate Rémy Bucciali - which aims at setting of a line / a shape, that, thanks to its flexibility bending and deploymen abilityt, could most accurately express this new approach of temporality.



Collective exhibition "Papiers" - Galerie Lazarew, Paris

Contemporary art fair - Galerie Lacan

New partnership - Galerie Michelle Champetier