Marchal Mithouard (Shaka)

Anatomy of Movement

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From the 9th of March to the 26th of April, 2017

Shaka's thrid solo show at the Galerie Lazarew! Figure of the urban art for nearly 20 years, Shaka (Marchal Mithouard) brilliantly combines the street's influence (letterings, violence, colours) and a studio work which he engaged himself in from the start (oil painting on canvas, sculpture, bas-relief).

His inimitable style manifests itself in fragmented faces and bodies, veined, ringed by black, on an edge. As if they were wearing a mask or, on the contrary, as if they were skinned. Since 2007, volume plays an important role in his work: thirst through the bas-reliefs he blended in his canvas, then with monumental sculptures made of wood, or now sometimes of bronze.

For this show, Shaka focuses on the transposition of myths in our contemporary era - Especially the myth of Sysiphus - while continuing his work on movement. His characters are either in action or experiencing desequilibrium, as in his monumental canvas (190x270 cm - work in progress). Five characters are on a carousel and we do not know whever they are the ones making it go round or if they are letting themselves get carried by its circular and pointless motion.

We will also present the first two bronze sculptures created by the artist. 

Vahid Chamani - Amino Acids

Exhibition from January the 28th to February the 25th, 2017

Opening on Saturday, Jan 28th, 3-7PM

We're delighted to present, for the very first time in France, iranian artist Vahid Chamani's work. At 32, he's considered by Artprice as one of the top five promising artists of the Middle East. Already presented in Iran, his home country, in the US, London, Dubaï and elsewhere, his meticulous and refined work combines different influences and techniques so as to bring an unique eye on the contradictions of the iranian society.

Born in 1984 in Iran, Vahid Chamani lives and works in Tehran. 

Evrard & Koch : Hors Cadre #2

December 1st 2015 - January 14th 2017

After a striking first show in November 2015, French duo Evrard & Koch takes its research forward in the exhibition Frame/Out #2. Originally lies the line again, which gives guidance and rhythm to the surface, and then breaks. While the artwork was previously fragmented, it now fractures. While colors were pulsing behind the structure, they now spread on top of it. While black was used to underline the edges, it now invades the facade too.

The rupture is effective and the frame, by blowing up, reveals new perspectives that open up new fields of exploration. The search for an ideal purity in classical forms (here pictured by huge monochromes) is challenged by new irresistible rising strengths that tear up the empty space and disrupt our field of vision. The vision of a world in upheaval, whose future is still unpredictable.

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Olivier CATTÉ

Octobre 8 - November 26, 2016

Opening on Saturday, October the 8th from 3 to 7 PM

The French artist, a master in the art of revealing endless cities by pealing off cardboard, shows the extent of his talent in Brussels once again. Back from a recent trip to New York, he provides new interpretations of the city and extrapolates it in absolutely breathtaking pieces.

Group show

September 6 - 24, 2016

A two-parts exhibition in September:

In the first room, new artworks by 21-years-old ukrainian artist Sergey Kononov.

In the second room, a groupshow with Olivier Catté, Aharon Gluska, Florence Grundeler, Rafiy and Shaka.

Sergey Kononov - Red

May 26th - June 18th, 2016

We our proud to host the first exhibition of Sergey Kononov in France. This 21-years-old Ukrainian artist  strikes by the mastery and maturity of his oil paintings.

"Why red? To me, it's blood coursing through the whole body, it's the animal drive for life, the omnipresent strength of the physical, dominating every other form of expression, such as the soul's, the spirit's or the mind's."

This is how Sergey Kononov, a twenty-one years old Ukrainian prodigy, introduces his first exhibition "Red": A striking portrait gallery, between realism and neo-expressionism that tenaciously depicts the crucial time of growing into a young adult. The artiste invites us to visit - especially the narrow-framed ones - his work as one would visit a zoo. It's only by catching the looks of this tough, under pressure, youth that one can pick up a glint of humanity, of hope and greatness. 

What is growing up ? That is the question main question in his work.

He paints with oil and aerosol spray ; he likes to mix these two techniques, which both possess a shine and the same thickness. Aerosol spry brings a blur that fits the spirit of our time.


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Florence Grundeler - From thread & ink (De fil et d'encre)

April 14th - May 21st 2016 

Florence GRUNDELER uses thread and ink on canvas or paper. Thread enters it, goes out, draws the first structure; it is the backbone of her work. Then, using water, she leads and outspread the texture of ink; it is the vital energy. A cosmic force takes hold of her gesture, wether it is violent or light and it gives balance to her work, oscillating between power and delicacy.

> About Florence Grundeler

RAFIY - Passages

March 12 - April 9 2016

Since thousands of years, the notion of passage is common to all societies. Passage on earth or in the afterlife, but also travel, exchange, transmission, the term evokes today, more than ever, hopes and tensions; It is the starting point of the new exhibition of the beninese artist Rafiy. Powerful and aesthetic, his painting is no less responsible of social content.


Said Rafiy work in "the noise of the world". Very influenced by the news, he designed his production as a way to bring order in the chaos of the real, to fight against oblivion, to keep in mind.



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Papers - Group show

January 30 - February 27, 2016

Drawing, painting, engraving, work on cardboard soaked paper... The paper is featured in this exhibition,which brings together the work of 6 artists who have chosen to exploit the wealth, the grain and subtlety ofpaper in its forms the more various.

Olivier Catté gathers used cardboard, which he rips and cut in order to create threads of cities and powerful architectures.

Camille Cottier, young artist of 25, with her fascinating series Les Bonhommes, introduces us on whole rolls to an obsessive and meticulous work.

Aharon Gluska, with a bathing technique using raw pigments, delivers huge imaginary landscapes of an exceptionnal serenity.

Pierre Muckensturm presents a series of engravings (all triptychs) which captures with accuracy the concept of crossroads.

We also present some of the now deceased artiste Jacques-Henri Sansoulh's artwork: two great paintings on non weaved paper, with colourful spots and repetitive gestures, truly bewitching. 

Evrard & Koch

Frame/Out #1

Nov 19th 2015 - Jan 16th 2016

French duo Evrard & Koch gather two multi-faceted artists, noticed in such diversed areas as jewelery, design or haute couture, who combine their talents into a work that definitely steps out of the box.
Evrard & Koch draw inspiration from Mondrian's geometrical abstraction, Ryman's white or Soto's optical impressions, and issue an unclassifiable work, which refers to architecture as much as painting or sculpture.
The classical white "canvas" is broken, revealing in the notches powerful pigments that refract on the wall or reflect on integrated mirrors. Always minimalist from the front, the surface is cadenced by the use of white, black or mirror, while colors secretly vibrate in its heart and spread outside the structure. This is the revenge of the out-of-frame, of the back on the front, of the side on the face.

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Group Show

September 2nd - 26th

Our exhibition of re-entry is the opportunity to introduce you to the wonderful workof Marine Joatton, new arrival in the gallery. Its Fiesta Banana series, she paints with strength and jubilation an imaginary world populated by creatures that mingle, have fun, and let us know. A solo exhibition of the artist is scheduled for March 2015.To discover absolutely!


You can also find works of Olivier Catté, Aharon Gluska and Isabel Espinoza.

Isabel ESPINOZA - Mundos Parallelos

Mundos Parallelos / Parallel Universes

October 8th - November 14th 2015

It is no accident that Isabel Espinoza finds a mean of expression in the practice of handmade paper.
Her approach to life is shared with and binds her to this ancient form of handicraft that evolved into art: a quest what is essential.
Espinoza's work is honest, it has an extreme concentration, that finds its correlate in the continuous refining of technical, and a freshness of thought that is translated into the execution of herideals in pieces of ethereal beauty that can clearly be identified as the pillars of her nature.

Much of this is undoubtedly tributary in nature, flowing both from her roots and from her childhood experiences in the small town in the Ecuadorian jungle where she grew up, marked by questions and self-imposed standards that exceeded the environment that she loved, and still does, and where she frequently returns.


Her quest continued in pursuit of the authenticity and identities that are represented in the multi-ethnic Asuncion in Paraguay, achieving then an exquisite synthesis when she delved into the refinement and subtlety of the ancient Japanese paper-making technique in its cradle, the city of Mino, Japan, where it was created over twelve centuries ago.
This resulted in germination of these delicately Oriental shields with African hues and South American soul. These ethereal shields do not protect us from any spears or swords but can be successfully wielded to guard one’s soul against sorrow and blurring.
Meanwhile, the intimate reverberations unveil the inexhaustible wealth of imagery that emerges from a visual reading as the shapes and morphologies appeal to the viewer’s perception and sensitivity from a metaphysical order, captured as the result of a vision stemming from the deep silences of white.
These are metaphors that literally “put before our eyes” the struggle of mankind to achieve the primary purity that enables us to make sense of a world that is devoid of sense other than through our interpretation.
Never ending quest to which Isabel Espinoza’s art, and in particular her queries, provide an invaluable service.

Hugo F. Romero

Summer Group Show

July 8th - August 17th 2015

This July, come to see the artworks by our artists Shaka, Olivier Catté, Aharon Gluska and Rafiy... We will also introduce Isabel Espinoza 's October show with recent artworks by the Ecuadorian artist, and invite French photographer Dominique Robin to present two photographs of his Oil series.

The series The Birth of Gravity (1998 - 2012) and Sei (1991-1992), by Japanese photographer Yuriko Takagi, will be featured from July 9 to Septembre 20 in Biennale de Melle > website of the Biennale

Aharon Gluska - Between the Lines

May 21th - June 24th 2015

For the first exhibition of Aharon Gluska in our Parisian Gallery, we present two series gathered under the title Between the Lines.

As read between the lines, it is always matter in this confirmed Israeli artist, who lives in NYC. In the Imagined Landscapes series (2004-2014), impressive dream landscapes available to us; their almost photographic record is troubling, considering that they were exclusively made in materials (pigments, acrylic, watercolour on paper).

On the large canvases of Between the Lines (2014-2015), are more than 50 layersof paint that reveal themselves with fingerprints parallel lines. With these two series, the artist offers a great reflection on memory and nostalgia.

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Olivier Catté

April 16th - May 15th 2015

Opening: Thursday April 16th, 2015

Solo show by Olivier CATTÉ, who presents his new artworks on currogated cardboard, that he simply peals off to reveal incredible volumes, textures and perspectives. The city is now a starting point for new researches ttowards abstraction.

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Olivier CATTÉ - Jean CRITON


17th March - 1th April, 2015

Opening 19th March, 2015

In the first part of our fifth Olivier CATTÉ exhibition at the gallery, we presented a dialog between his works and Jean CRITON's (period 1980-1900). Whether it's from used recycled carboard (Catté) or charcoal (Crito), both provide a unique vision of the city, shaped by strong contrasts between light and shadow. 

> More about Olivier Catté

Jean Criton's fantastic cities scrape the sky into an infinite ascent. Despite the facades, porches, stairs, man is not his place, since no indication of scale is given. Loaded skies seem also to announce that the situation is hopeless.

Olivier Catté, 30 years later, overlooks the city and reduces utopia to the raw reality. He anchors his mazes in cardboard cites, through endless perspectives. In his work too, one gets lost. Not in a sweet dream of greatness, but in the absence of dreams of this endless maze of streets.

The evolution of the works of these two artists also draws interesting parallels. Criton, in his later series Vision, always with charcoal, but this time in color, enlarged details his imaginary cities: a porch, a shadow... the absence of decline gives the impression of a flattening of the city. Can be a way of understanding it. This flattening effect, it feels like it also in the recent works of Olivier Catté: the perspectives are smoothed in a symbolic frieze. In these works, which verge onabstraction, Olivier Catté, as Jean Criton, captures, more than the city itself, the rhythm of the city: its musicality.

Jacques-Henri Sansoulh

It is only when Jacques Henri Sansoulh died, in 2013, that his relatives discovered the scope of an obsessive artwork, produced in private during more than 20 years.

Painting has always been important in his life,b ut it was only in the early 90s that he took the leap : painting soon became his main activity, but he did not try to show his works. During the last twenty years of his life, he devoted himself almost exclusively to this creative passion, in an obsessional and accumulative fever.


He leaves behind more than 1,500 works on paper; those captivating accumulations of colored spots and repetitive movements can be considered a creative outlet, if not an actual writing, which became vital as he isolated himself in his daily life.

Sansoulh wrote on each paper the precise date of its completion, making the secret adventure even more dizzying. He leaves an overwhelming, hypnotic artwork, deeply affecting all of us.


Group show

January 6th - 17th 2014

Group show with the artists of the gallery:


Olivier Catté

Yuriko Takagi

Isabel Espinoza


And the occasion to discover the artists who just joigned the gallery:

Aharon Gluska

Jacques-Henri Sansoulh


Yuriko Takagi - Sei

Nov 14th - Dec 27th 2014

2 years after her great show The Birth of Gravity, it is an honor to welcome back Japanese photographer Yuriko Takagi. For her new exhibition, SEI, Yuriko Takagi shows a disturbing immersion into the intimacy of flowers.

In Japanese, a lot of signs are pronounced "SEI". Yuriko realized that with all their meanings, we can describe all stages of life... She selected 28 of these characters, whose meanings are as broad as "honest," "invite", "abundance", "sex" or "death".

In the meantime, she chose 28 flowers. She "undressed" the plants, to capture the face that nature usually hides with decency. Sometimes, she captured them just before flowering, like teanagers. Flowers, once the ultimate symbols of seduction, show in their intimacy a troubling, raw and sensual beauty. They become an object of desire or repulsion, echoing the Sei they are related to.


A book gathering the 28 photos of Sei series will be released by Editions Xavier Barral on November 14th.

A box set with the book & two platinum prints, produced by amanasalto (Tokyo), will be released in an edition of 30.

SHAKA - Onde de Choc (Shock Wave)

Oct 9 - Nov 10 2014

After devoting three years to international commitments, Shaka (Marchal MITHOUARD) shows his talent in Paris again; his exhibition Onde de Choc (Shock Wave) gathers a dozen works, specifically produced for the gallery in 2014.

A major figure of French street art, SHAKA has set his unique, powerful and emaciated style on the walls of parisian suburbs. But healso drew attention with his unique and amazing 3D technique, which allows his characters to pop into our space and challenge us, by embodying the nonsense of our own behaviors. A great portrayist, he splits up and ribs the faces in order to codify their attitudes, as if they were carrying a mask.

For the exhibition Onde de Choc, he chooses the impact of the punch of a boxer as a metaphore of ordinary violence of human relations.
«Right now, I am interested in working on volume, movement and depth. The characters I paint often wince, show exacerbated behaviors… I like to depict strong expressions.» Shaka says.

We already held Shaka's first soloshow in 2011 ; since its sophisticated technique prevents him it to produce more than a few artworks a year, and since he was committed to many project abroad, we had to wait for 3 years to have him back in France. This is why we are particularly proud to present his new exhibition in October 2014.


RAFIY - Explosion

5 juillet - 30 aout 2014

We are proud to hold the fourth solo show by Beninese artiste Rafiy, whom we've been working with from the the first days of the gallery.

His works on canvas and his drawings testify to a great love for his country, coloured by a spirit of rebellion.

Like a voodoo preacher, Rafiy throws colors and textures on his canvas, creating powerfull paintings that are a mirror of his impressions.



Cosmogarden / Midnight Spaghetti

May 22d - June 25th 2014

Five years after his last soloshow in Paris, the great Japanese artist Aki Kuroda reveals his most recent work at Galerie Lazarew.

"Cosmogarden", has been the common thread of Aki Kuroda's for more than 30 years. Each element is part of a large "cosmic garden", a form of total art that gathers the cosmos, the city, the body, nature, animals, music, etc.. We are immersed into an urban jungle where we recognize a few recurring marks : his famous silhouette, the dancing man (Swing), planets, interlaced threads, the Minotaur, etc. Aki Kuroda invites the viewer to meander into what he modestly calls his strolls, but also to bring his own universe to create gateways or confrontations.

For the exhibition "Midnight Spaghetti", Aki Kuroda brings for the first time to the forefront what was latent for many years: the figure of the creating artist.

> More about Aki KURODA

Isabel ESPINOZA - Tourbillons

April 17th - May 17th 2014

For the first solo show of the Ecuadorian artist in Paris, we present ten years of works on paper, inspired by the identity issue.

A matter of individual identities at first, with her series Metafora de los Escudos (Shields metaphor). Those large transparent paper
shields, that she entirely creates with plant fibers, are both symbols of pride and fragility, of an identity that needs to be protected.

In the series Centros y Debordes (Centres and overflows), Isabel addresses the concept of overall identity. How can we be defined in a globalized world? Who surrounds us, are we the center or on the outskirts of the universe? How do identities grow, collide, combine?

These series are linked by the choice of paper as the main media, whether it's paper she produces in Ecuador or the one she paints on. Indeed, "papel" in Spanish means both "paper" and "role" ...


Olivier Catté - Suburbia

6th March – 12 April 2014

For his new exhibition of Suburbia, Olivier Catté continues in his quest to capture the essence of the urban space in the laceration of the recovery card. 

This time, he engages in freer compositions - a more sophisticated architecture, brush strokes, the addition of color, etc. Smoothing the perspective, emphasizing the rehearsals for facades, it reaches a rhythmic abstraction which confers a certain musicality to his works. Hellish pace of the wanderings in the mazes of Metropolis? Amonumental work (250 x 350 cm) will be also hung in the Gallery, making them more present than ever the impression of a work that grabs us...


FULCRAND - Travaux sur papier, 1950 / 1970